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Surf it Easy

Surf it Easy Carry all your Favorites/Bookamrks with you on a portable device Favorites/Bookmarks synchronization function that allows the users to have all their preferred websites with them and be able to access them on any available computer. The Firefox bookmarks can be opened in Internet Explorer and the IE favorites can be accessed with Firefox, in No Trace Browsing mode or the normal way. Favorites/Bookmarks from two different PCs can be synchronized and kept on a portable device. The Lost & Found function allows the

Favoritestown 2.03: Favoritestown provides a fun and effective way to store and access favorites.
Favoritestown 2.03

Favoritestown is now easier to use, stores more favorites and makes using your favorites even more fun! Favoritestown provides a unique, fun and memorable way to organize all of your favorites. It allows you to store and access not only your internet favorites but also your frequently used PC files and programs. You can add your favorites using a simple drag and drop technique. Favoritestown uses a simple real world analogy to store the links - the

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Favorites Inspector 6.05

Favorites in Internet Explorer, Favorites Inspector is for you. With Favorites Inspector, you can manage your Internet Explorer Favorites. The best part of Favorites Inspector is that it will verify that your stored Favorites still exist! Do you hate clicking on a link only to get the annoying "404 Error"? Favorites Inspector will test all your Internet Explorer Favorites to see if the links are still valid. Web pages that can not be reached will

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BatBar Save, synchronize and share favorites between computers, friends and family.

favorites are now lost! Of course your could have made a backup or saved your favorites on your old computer/hard disc before you changed to the new one - but most people forget to do it. You don`t miss your favorites until they are gone! If you use BatBar for your favorites - you only have to reinstall the BatBar software and log in and you will not loose any of your favorites each time you get a new computer. Favorites on more than one computer

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Search Favorites 1.5: Maximize the value of IE Favorites. Fast search finds lost, saves new, drops old
Search Favorites 1.5

Favorites or start up Windows Explorer on a folder and organize your Favorites and folders with it. With later versions of Windows you can see thumbnails of Favorites in their folders. Extensive help is included with How Tos and reference sections. Use it for finding Favorites, yes, but also use it to check if you have already bookmarked the site you are currently viewing and lastly, use it to find similar Favorites so that you can bookmark the current

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Web Favorites 1.5: Web Favorites gives you easy access to your favorite web sites...
Web Favorites 1.5

favorites or all favorites in a category can easily be opened, just make your selection and click the appropriate button. Icons for each web favorite are retrieved from the corresponding web site when a new favorite is added making it easy to find the favorite you want. The Back and Forward button`s allow quick switching between categories with visual feedback making for speedy location of your favorites. Web Favorites can import favorites from your

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Print Favorites for Word 1.5: An easy way to manage your print work in Word
Print Favorites for Word 1.5

Favorites, you now can manipulate those print options as easy as with favorites in Internet Explorer. Print Favorites will remember each combination of different option values for you, for example, the print options for printing booklet, for report draft, for placard,etc., and printing all those materials is just one click away. Print Favorites helps you saving time, reducing printing cost. Print Favorites adopts an easy to use way to manage those

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